Earn While You Learn – Get Paid to Train!

September 7, 2020 by Big Bend Author

Did you know that 40 percent of employees who receive little to no unpaid training leave within the first year? Not only are you losing quality employees, you’re losing money. On-the-job training is crucial, even if employees may not want to attend it. But, what if you could tell them that it’s paid training? That changes almost everything. 

No one likes to work for free, so that’s why we feel that it is necessary to pay for on-the-job training. We see it as an investment in our most important assets: our employees. 

What is Paid Training?

Paid training is designed to help our employees gain hands-on knowledge at the workplace. At Big Bend Galvanizing, we have training for all positions including safety, forklift, crane, etc. At the end of the training, employees will receive a custom program certificate. 

Benefits to Paid Training

  1. Planned for Your Business: Every business is unique and has special requirements – training employees from their first day on may help to get those business requirements and needs filled quicker.
  2. Happier Employees: Having happy employees who actually love their job only gets them more excited about their work. When paid training is offered, employees are more inclined to be more loyal and are committed to growing their careers with your business.
  3. Always Learning Mindset: You never want anyone to feel like they are done learning, most industries are ever-evolving. By providing paid training, you are promoting an “always learning’ mindset. This will also pay off when you are looking at employees to fill certain leadership roles.

Career Opportunities

We are in growth mode and are always looking to hire talented individuals who have a passion for the manufacturing industry! Remember, paid training is included at all five plants!

Here is a link to all of our current job opportunities: 

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